Merko Vaga, 

Animal science

Food security, feed science, agricultural production

Mart Maasik

Innovation management, deep tech business builder

Business innovation, strategic partnerships

Margus Klaar

Entrepreneur, marketer 
and designer

CEO, marketing and business development

Rihard Reissaar, MSc.

Applied biology

BSF production technology development

Looking for automation and engineering talent

If you’re part Scotty, a good deal MacGyver, a healthy dose of DocBrown along with a dash of Rick and Morty, then we would be delighted if you’d get in touch with us. We’re looking for automation and engineering talent to join Klareva on our quest to automate the process of raising BSF for animal feed (and save a bit of the planet on the way).  Write to us: info@klareva.com and let’s grab a cup of coffee and chat.