Sustainably feed the future


Building technologies for a cleaner future

We are developing the automation technologies to raise Black Soldier Fly (Hermetia illucens) for animal feed in a modular and scalable manner.


Using food production waste as input, we are turning low-value materials into high-value products.

The future of farming

Black Soldier Fly  (BSF) can be raised in vertical farms requiring little land. Close to both input sources and customers (pig farms, chicken farms, fish farms), BSF production uniquely small environmental footprint.

Why Us

The Vision

Environmental Advantages

Innovative strategies

BSF is a sustainable, circular, local and natural protein source for poultry, pigs, aquaculture and pets. Developing the automation technology for modular, scalable production will enable BSF production across the globe, close to both food waste suppliers and farmers. 

Future-Oriented Solutions

Population growth drives change.

The human population is set to grow to 10 billion by 2050.  This puts a lot of pressure on food production. Introducing insects into the food chain, (decomposers by nature) that thrive on using nutrients from food production waste, provides a natural protein for poultry, pigs, aquaculture and pets.  Locally produced it also increases food security while reducing land use.

Natural and reasonable

A Revolution

Today pigs and poultry are largely reared on soya based protein. Soya is grown in South America and is a leading cause of rainforest destruction. 

Growing soya is incredibly energy, water and land intensive and 80% of worldwide production is for animal feed. However, it is perfectly suited to the human dinner table. Replacing soy meal with BSF meal is natural for the animals and helps divert soy back to human consumption.

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We are the decisive factor for the future of food security